Technology Centre

Unique spaces for work, science and living in a location that is developing dynamically.

Building concept

We are pleased to present a unique new space for long-term lease in the emerging OXYMA Technology Centre. This is a smart building concept that, by combining various energy sources and using the latest technologies, ensures and monitors its own economically and environmentally sustainable operation.

OXYMA will be created by the complete reconstruction of the large former Svoboda Graphic Works site in Sazečská Street in Prague 10. It will offer more than 20,000 m² of rentable space for your business.

Thanks to the investments of the TTC Group and in cooperation with the Prague 10 municipality, and the Institute of Planning and Development of the Capital City of Prague, the former industrial area in the heart of Malešice is being redeveloped in the Technology Park, a new address for prestigious companies in the science and modern technologies sectors. And the concept of the OXYMA Technology Centre with the premium services of OXYMA+ will become the flagship of this transformation.

Unique premises
for your business

The creator of the reconstruction is major architectural studio DAM architekti. It is being implemented in cooperation with the university institute CTU UCEEB and will meet the strictest criteria of LEED GOLD sustainability certification.

In cooperation with MFS Digital, a BIM model of the project is being created, which will also allow you to view the space in 3D.

oxyma dam leed uceeb
oxyma - vizualizace prechod

Increased efficiency and sustainability
thanks to modern technologies

The building will include a trigeneration power plant (5 MW), a photovoltaic power plant, smart energy management systems including energy sources backed up by motor generators, rainwater storage tanks for maintenance of living areas, facilities for electromobility – fast charging of cars and bicycles, optical connection of offices to NIX and 24/7 data security in our own modern data centre, Sazečská DC.

In addition to the possibility of long-term lease of various types of space according to the needs of your business – offices, development, light production or warehouses, you can enjoy a modern restaurant for catering with a capacity of 600 meals, Smart 24/7 reception with a virtual receptionist, connection to the Smart Space intelligent building management system for energy reduction and the Dimenso identification, catering and reservation system. Thanks to the development support of the TTC Group, you will get access to the latest technology for your business.

OXYMA+ services
for all your plans

OXYMA+ premium services allow you to meet one-off requests for more space or equipment for your business. More than 1,500 m² of state-of-the-art co-working and co-living facilities will be available, including – modernly equipped offices, meeting rooms and multimedia halls, technology labs and workshops, 3D printing studio, creative studios, flexible warehouses, green terraces, secure external spaces with the necessary infrastructure, as well as modern short-term housing including facilities suitable for employees, guests and students.

15 500 m²

total area

8 500 m²

administration / light manufacturing

5 500 m²


1 500 m²

OXYMA+ services

Within the project, we can offer thousands of meters of modern offices and space for light manufacturing or warehouses, a restaurant and café for corporate catering and 200 parking spaces, including spaces for electric cars.

Do you need extra accommodation for colleagues, more offices, a multimedia training room, a prototype, a workshop or 3D printing services? You can rent everything on site according to your current needs as part of OXYMA+ services.

A place you are going to like

Building A

up to 5,500 m²

4 above-ground floors

Potential use for office space, light manufacturing, showroom, etc. This building also houses a shared section within the OXYMA+ services.

Building B

Up to 5,500 m²

14 above-ground floors


Potential use for office space. In this building there is also a section with shared spaces within the OXYMA+ services.

Building S

up to 3,500 m²

5 above-ground floors

entrance gate

5.5 m ceiling

Potential use for office space or light manufacturing.

Choose your premises and services
tailored to your needs

OXYMA kancelare

Administrative premises

Long-term lease of representative offices of various layouts including superior facilities and related services.

Manufacturing and development

Long-term lease of space for light manufacturing with superior technological and logistical facilities, backup resources for safe operation and connection to the fastest internet.


Long-term lease of premises suitable for warehouses of various layouts with superior logistics facilities and fail-safe operation.

Restaurant and café

The complex includes a modern restaurant for corporate catering with a capacity of up to 600 meals.
For moments to relax, there is also a café for 80 people.

Relax zone

There is plenty of space for relaxation or informal business meetings. You can use part of the green terrace including its facilities and the community garden.

Outdoor infrastructure

Secure external areas with the necessary infrastructure (electricity, internet, data network, water, waste) for external project preparation, outdoor testing, etc.

Smart parking

A superior number of parking spaces with a Smart system for sharing reserved spaces via an app. Visitor parking with space reservation via QR code. Spaces with fast charging of electric cars, bike room with fast charging of electric bikes.

Intelligent systems

These ensure an optimal indoor climate, safety at work and efficient use of energy – air conditioning with CO2 monitoring, fan-coil cooling control, openable windows, heat recovery and waste heat recovery.

Maximum availability

The building features a Smart elevator control system and freight elevators in all parts of the building. You can use an efficient system for supplies, flexi warehouses and storage boxes. The building also includes a high-capacity civil protection shelter.

Choose extra
additional services OXYMA +

Flexi Office

A shared working environment designed for long-term tenants and external tenants from the fields of innovation development, startups or academia, allowing a unique connection between the business community and talented individuals.

Multifunctional rooms

We offer meeting room and training room rentals with state-of-the-art multifunctional technology for cutting-edge presentations, both for long-term tenants and external tenants from startups or academia.

Creative Studios

Shared, dedicated workspaces equipped with the latest technologies present instant access to the professional tools you need right now and don’t want or can’t invest in yourself.

Panoramic terrace

A glass-enclosed high-rise terrace is available for informal business meetings, corporate events or presentations of goods and services in an exclusive setting.

Laboratories and workshops

Shared technology laboratories and workshops allow you to develop and prepare products, prototypes and individual technical self-realization. They are equipped with modern workshop facilities including a 3D scanner and printing.

Shared housing

Comfortably equipped housing for co-workers and employees for a perfect work-life balance.


On the premises is one of the largest datacentres in the country. It provides secure storage for your data, technology for your business in the cloud, excellent facilities for your modern IT.

Flexi warehouses

Short and long-term rental of flexi warehouses with automated operation for the needs of companies and individuals.

About TTC

The investor of the unique OXYMA Technology Centre project is TTC REAL ESTATE from the Czech technology and real estate group TTC. It currently manages more than 90,000 m² of office, technology and warehouse space in the Czech Republic. The unique technological equipment of the project is being developed and provided by the Modern Technologies Division of TTC through a synergy of IT subsidiaries.

Malešice Technology Park

Thanks to the joint efforts of the Prague 10 Municipality, the Institute of Planning and Development of the Capital City of Prague, and the TTC Group, the current industrial area of Malešice will gradually transform into the Malešice Technology Park – a multi-use complex for research, modern technologies, laboratories or light industrial production. It will also partly become a residential area using modern energy sources in accordance with the concept of green urbanism.

OXYMA mapa

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Metro line A - Depo Hostivař

Reachable within 15 minutes to the centre of Prague


LINES 171, 181, 182, 183

The new bus stop will be built directly in front of the OXYMA building


LINES 5,16,95,163, 208, 228, 229, 364, 366

Stops: Na Homoli, Malešická továrna


Jižní spojka, Štěrboholská spojka, Průmyslová, Černokostelecká GPS 50.080047N, 14.520040E


Třebohostická 987/5
100 00 Prague 10 – Czech Republic

+420 234 052 211

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